All Natural Tattoo Care. From the Ground Up.

If its ours - its great for the skin, lightweight, nourishing, and helps protect your tattoos with purposeful ingredients and no artificial bullsh$t!

Go ahead, look at the other guys - you'll see dyes, petroleum, and cheap copycat ingredients that most "modern aftercare" brands share with the manufacturers that make it for them.

Our tattoo care has a very unique blend that's ultra-hydrating with a controllable and non-greasy texture perfect for all stages of your tattoo’s life. Check out InkLuck below ⬇️


Why is InkLuck better than the traditional 2-Step Aftercare?


Plain and simple - InkLuck is better because it totally replaces your traditional petroleum/petrolatum and lotion routine and simplifies the entire aftercare experience! Many brands advertise themselves as an aftercare that "can be used as a moisturizer", but usually end up disappointing in that category and you'll end up using lotion anyway. This truly does eliminate the guesswork of when to switch between aftercare & lotion - because you don't ever have to! You likely won't find a blend like ours out there. It's because we threw away the copycat natural aftercare ingredient list most brands use. We spent months deciding just which few to use, testing them all.

What can InkLuck be used for?


The question should be what can't it be used for. The longer we've tested, used, and loved InkLuck - the more we see it can do. 

Originally designed specifically for new tattoo aftercare, it quickly showed its full potential as:

⚫ effortless new tattoo aftercare

⚫ a deep moisturizer with a skin feel you can control

⚫ a soothing glide

⚫ relieve sunburn redness and peeling

⚫ helps reduce irritations and itching from small cuts, scrapes, and bug bites

⚫ helps reduce piercing irritations, pimples & more!

Seriously, its like a miracle topical. 

Apply lightly in layers and rub in for daily moisture or “slug” it and soak in it for times when you feel like you really need it.

Is InkLuck Organic?


Yes! The FDA requires 95% of a product to be made of organic ingredients to be considered organic. InkLuck is 99% Organic overall & 1 % Natural Vitamin E - All of our oils & beeswax selected for InkLuck are 100% certified organic and where possible, also virgin blends - offering up the most raw form, often with higher levels of nutrients.

Is InkLuck Vegan?


Unfortunately not, beeswax is sometimes debatable in the Vegan Community as acceptable or not - but usually its a no. Just know that it contains beeswax and if you’re comfortable with that, cool! We use it because it truly is nature’s best humectant (creates a protective moisture barrier) that plant based wax has a hard time competing with. If you'd like a vegan formula of InkLuck to take advantage of the amazing antioxidant benefits, reach out and we'd be happy to customize a formula for you.

Is InkLuck right for me?


Caution: InkLuck contains natural essential oils & plant-derived extracts from fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, & seeds.

Always check the ingredients before using a new product to see if it contains any of your personal known allergens. If you typically are allergic to common plant based ingredients such as aloe, or any listed ingredients - do not use.

We are tattoo-lovers, not doctors. Always check with your doctor if you are unsure. We cannot replace the advice of a medical professional. InkLuck and all of our products alike were designed for most skin types. Because it only contains noncomedogenic ingredients and is lightweight and non greasy, it works well for oily and dry skin the same. Your skin will soak it up in no time and you'll be like "wait how'd it do that?"

Odd note: doesn't make body hair look gross or feel glued to the body!

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